A Fractal Thinker Looks at Student Ratings by Ed Nuhfer.

The "New York Times" cited this article March 11, 2010. There, journalist Virginia Heffernan presented this particular paper along with those authored by James Felton ("Attractiveness, Easiness and Other Issues”) and Mark Edmondson ("On the Uses of a Liberal Education”) as angry professors hungry for revenge "lashing out with analysis" against the commercial site, "Rate my Professor." The corporate site started in 1999, and this paper and those of other authors Heffernan cites all pre-dated the site by several years, so it wasn't possible for Rate My Professors to have inspired any of the scholarship the reporter cites. A bit of real investigative journalism would have led this New York Times reporter to "Evaluation: Rate My Professor & Professors Strike Back" (J. Rhem, 2009,  Rate My Professor & Professors Strike Back: National Teaching and Learning Forum, v. 18 n. 3 pp. 5-7) for the article that details how the commercial site inspired negative reactions by several professors.